Friday, September 23, 2011

Upstate NY Part 4: Pizza Tour 2011

Who doesn't love a good pizza pie? When we lived in Brooklyn, we were right next to some of the best street pizza around from Luigi's Pizzeria.  Now that we're in LA, we have a shortlist of fine pies, topped by Mozza and followed by Casa Bianca, Mother Dough, and...well that's about it. Whenever we're in Upstate NY, pizza becomes a staple food group. Some of the best pizza we've ever had is in the Triple City region. Our visit this year was no exception in eating as many slices of pizza iterations as possible. Here's a few of the highlights:

Jim Roma's Bakery
Jim Roma's sheet pizza probably had the sweetest of all the sauces, with a light and fluffy crust that was just on the verge of being undercooked. It made for a great saucy slice that was delicious even at room temperature. They slice the sheet with giant scissors, which seem completely appropriate given the "shear" scale of pizza we're talking about.
202 North Nanticoke Ave.
Endicott, NY 13760

Mario's Pizza
Another exceptional sheet pizza is the plain cheese sheet from Mario's. The crust is quite a bit softer than a standard round pizza, probably because of the sheer volume and size of the pie. A mildly sweet sauce topped with a hearty portion of cheese.
51 Fox Street
Owego, NY 13827

Consol's Family Kitchen
Hands down the best pizza we had that week was the "Hot Pie" at Consol's. The pies were made famous by Consul's Uncle Duff back in the mid 1940's. The perfectly thin but substantial crust with a slightly sweet sauce is topped with a nice blend of cheeses.  They also have a grilled pizza which we'll have to taste test next time we're there. The best part is how they package the pies to go- not in a box, but wrapped with butcher paper so the pies don't sweat.
101 Oak Hill Ave.
Endicott, NY 13760

Shortstop Deli
While technically not a pizza in the truest sense, honorable mentions go to the Hot Truck Pizza Sub from the Shortstop Deli, which combines the best of both the pizza and sandwich worlds. These toasted subs are made of fresh french bread baked daily on site, with options for toppings that you check off from an order form at the counter. The Poor Man's Pizza (PMP) is a standout. They even have their own secret "truck sauce" which seems to be some mixture of mayonnaise, garlic, pizza sauce, and amazingness.
200 W. Seneca St.
Ithaca, NY 14850


  1. I've been down all those roads. Also, Rossi's and Nirchi's have thunderous sheet pizzas; which are localized even more, when you put chicken spiedies on them. I always love telling Brooklynites about "sheet pizza." The cock their heads..."you means gramma peetza, right?" Sorry bro. I mean Sheet Pizza!

  2. Round 2 would also have to include Brozzetti's. So many carbs so little time!