Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SR Patio Gardens at The Residences at The W Hollywood

Photo: Tim Street-Porter

Photo: Mike Kershner

We are very excited to announce that the SR Patio Gardens are now part of the Eco Residence, GREEN + VINE at The Residences at The W Hollywood. You'll find three of the SR Patio Gardens on the lovely terrace overlooking Hollywood and Vine in the new "Eco Unit" that is part of the the new residences at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Van Patter Design brought us on for the project, along with dozens of local designers and artisans to create an eco-unit that was unique and regional.  To keep with the eco-local theme of the unit, we used reclaimed redwood sourced from The Reclaimer, a great place to find a variety of reclaimed lumber in the Los Angeles Area.

More information and images about the project can be found on the GREEN + VINE website. And you can recreate the same look with our SR Patio Garden Kit, or start your patio garden with an SR Patio Garden that's already assembled.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WPA 2.0

A few months ago, we submitted a proposal for a competition sponsored by CityLAB that explored the possibilities of a new type of Works Progress Adminstration that places nested scales of infrastructure at the heart of rebuilding cities during this next era of metropolitan recovery. Our WPA 2.0 proposal laid out a strategically integrated plan which we called WELL: Work Eat Live Link. In a nutshell, our proposal looked at how modifying or rethinking day to day activities regarding how we work, eat, live and link can effect far reaching change that can foster lasting results.

Our entry is one of the Select Design Proposals featured on the WPA 2.0 online exhibit. Just click on "Multi-part Strategy", "Radical Adaptive Reuse", "Mobility + Accessibility", or "Food Production + Distribution", and our project is listed first on the upper left. We're pretty excited that our proposal fits into so many categories. You can also find our proposal in full on our site.

Friday, April 16, 2010

SR Packaging

We've made a conscious effort to try and package all of our SR products in the most efficient and "ready to ship" means possible. Our cardboard packaging is customized with a Scout Regalia stamp on the side, and a line drawing of what the product will look like after assembly. When you order our SR Raised Garden Kit (DIY/Staked) or the SR Patio Garden Kit (DIY), expect to find this package at your doorstep.