Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer at Headquarters

We've had a pretty busy working summer so far, so our posts might be a bit more sporadic than usual. Lots of fun things coming up!

Our SR garden products will be available at Product Porch starting this month at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Check out the store from the masterminds behind Specific Merchandise and The Vitrine.

We'll also have an installation as part of the HDTS 2011 weekend at High Desert Test Sites in October.  Stay tuned for updates!

Friday, July 15, 2011

SR White Oak Table Set

Photos by Dylan + Jeni Photography
We recently released our SR White Oak Table Set- a new take on our redwood SR Outdoor Table Set. We love the look of white oak. The tight grain and lighter hue of the hardwood make it really suitable for indoor use.

We especially loved working with our friends Dylan and Jeni for the SR White Oak Table Set photo shoot. They are amazing photographers and incredible chefs, and gracious hosts for amazing dinner parties. Check out Dylan's blog and Jeni's blog for a peek at their travel and culinary adventures!

For more photos and a lovely write up of our collaboration, check out the story on Dylan's blog.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Design Truck 2011

Along with the Remodelista Marketplace, we were also part of the Design Truck during the weekend of Dwell on Design 2011.  We had our SR White Oak Table Set bench for people to sit on while they chowed down on Kogi kimchee quesadillas or chilled at Covell. We were honored to be part of the mobile furniture gallery with so many talented designers including Brendan Ravenhill, Chris Adamick, Brooke Woosley, Kelly Lamb, and Bend Seating, to name a few!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Remodelista Booth at Dwell On Design 2011

We were really excited to have a booth at the Remodelista Marketplace during Dwell on Design this year. We had our SR Garden Products and SR Wall Pockets for sale, along with information about our entire product line. It was a great experience and we're so glad that we got to meet so many wonderful people. We also debuted our hand-painted Scout Regalia sign over the weekend. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by!