Monday, May 31, 2010

Agave or Giant Asparagus?

We were really surprised to see this giant asparagus-like bloom from one of our agave plants that seemed to have spouted overnight.  At about 20 feet high, this giant sprout marks the end of this plant's life. Agave plants like this are also called "century plants", because of the time it takes for the plant to reach this stage of bloom.  I doubt this one is that old, but it's pretty fascinating to see how such a drought resistant plant can grow such a crazy looking bloom.

We've found a few great places in and around LA that have a wonderful selection of native plants and succulents.  Sunset Nursery has an extensive selection of succulents and other plants, and Everything Gardens in Atwater Village has a diverse garden full of various native plants.  Also on the Eastside is Darling's Flowers, which you've probably seen from the 101 freeway.  And while we have yet to visit this place, California Nursery Specialties in the Valley seems like an amazing place to find both cacti and giant dinosaur lawn ornaments.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Motley Hue

The SR Outdoor Table Set comes in a rainbow of 210 bright enamel color options. We've been working directly with our clients in creating SR Outdoor Table Sets to their specific color choices. What a wonderful and eclectic set of colors we've seen come through the office/shop! We love to see these tables and benches come out in colors we would never have imagined, and they all look wonderful and unique in their own way. And it's great knowing that these table sets are going to homes that appreciate style, color, and timeless design. Here's a peek at the menagerie of colorful SR Outdoor Table Sets we've recently built.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bonsai Inspiration

In addition to growing an edible garden, we are constantly working on our collection of bonsai.  Tending to bonsai is a skill that is honed over years of experience, but it's also something that is pretty accessible to anybody who is interested in cultivating miniature trees. We've amassed a small collection of bonsai including (from left) an Elm, Long Needle Juniper, Pomegranate, and a Trident Maple.  It's pretty amazing to see and tend to miniature versions of huge tree species.

Our miniature trees are resting on a bonsai table that we made from redwood a couple of years ago.  We love the way redwood ages into a beautiful grey patina.  You can also see the natural aging of redwood on our SR Outdoor Table Set that we have in our home office backyard.

For those interested in bonsai, a great place to start is Chikogu-en Bonsai Nursery in Gardena, CA.  The family run shop also has bonsai classes once a month and a really great selection of pots and tools.  Another great resource is Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery in West Los Angeles, which has a big selection of bonsai alongside other plants as well.