Sunday, December 19, 2010

Go Big or Go Dome

What better way to celebrate the holidays (and a very rainy week here in Los Angeles) than with a geodesic gingerbread house. About 10" in diameter, our gingerbread dome is made of hexagons, pentagons, and a ridiculous amount of royal icing (which may sound fancy, but it's just a mixture of powdered sugar and egg whites).  We included a teepee like the one we have in our backyard, and a gingerbread SR Outdoor Table Set. What can we say, we get a little intense with our holiday edible house construction.

If you're making you own gingerbread house this season, we highly recommend going to a Japanese supermarket to get some seriously amazing construction accoutrements, including chocolate covered tree stumps, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms, along with a variety of pocky pretzels that make excellent edible firewood.

More pics of our SR Geodesic Gingerbread Dome, along with an A-Frame we also made, are on our flickr feed.