Friday, September 17, 2010

SR Bookcase at Specific Merchandise

We are so excited to debut the SR Bookcase, which is the latest addition to our catalogue of products and our first venture into indoor furniture.  The SR Bookcase is currently part of "Autumn Suite", the fall show at Specific Merchandise, and is available through the Specific Merchandise online store on 1st Dibs.

Made of domestic hardwood and handcrafted in Los Angeles, the SR Bookcase is made to order and available as a 1, 2 or 3 bay system.  Each bookcase is hand finished with low gloss, non toxic wood sealer and paints in your choice of 210 custom colors.  Standing 7'-8" tall, the SR Bookcase will surely be a signature piece in any living space or office.

Check out the SR Bookcase in person over at Specific Merchandise through October 2nd.  Lots of amazing new work from a variety of talented designers on display as well!

Sept 4- Oct 2
Specific Merchandise
7374 Beverly Blvd

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