Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SR Patio Gardens at Specific Merchandise

We are super excited to be part of D'ARK GARDEN, the summer group show over at Specific Merchandise, the new gallery/store on Beverly Boulevard.  We are thrilled to be part of the show with so many talented young designers, including LA artists D'ARK who created the two beds in the space, Woolly Pockets with their plant chandeliers, seedbomb vending machines by Common Studio, and a few beautiful chairs designed and fabricated by todosomething.  This and so much more will be on display through July 31st.

For the group show, we built and planted two SR Patio Gardens- one with a forest ecology and the other with a desertscape. We used un-planed reclaimed redwood from The Reclaimer, which we wrote about a few weeks ago.  The scapes are already taking on a life of their own, with new floral shoots coming out of the succulents in the dryscape, and mushrooms popping out of the groundcover in the forest ecology.  We're looking forward to seeing these ecologies become more wild and feral as the weeks pass.

July 10- July 31
Specific Merchandise
7374 Beverly Blvd

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