Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WPA 2.0

A few months ago, we submitted a proposal for a competition sponsored by CityLAB that explored the possibilities of a new type of Works Progress Adminstration that places nested scales of infrastructure at the heart of rebuilding cities during this next era of metropolitan recovery. Our WPA 2.0 proposal laid out a strategically integrated plan which we called WELL: Work Eat Live Link. In a nutshell, our proposal looked at how modifying or rethinking day to day activities regarding how we work, eat, live and link can effect far reaching change that can foster lasting results.

Our entry is one of the Select Design Proposals featured on the WPA 2.0 online exhibit. Just click on "Multi-part Strategy", "Radical Adaptive Reuse", "Mobility + Accessibility", or "Food Production + Distribution", and our project is listed first on the upper left. We're pretty excited that our proposal fits into so many categories. You can also find our proposal in full on our site.

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